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Is Innovation in Asia Different?

Yes, innovation in Asia is different than what we see in the more Western parts of the world where the science of innovation management has been progressing longer. I recently read a great book, Leading Innovasian – Embedding Innovation Culture in Malaysian Organizations, and I liked the perspectives on Asian innovation given by Azim Pawanchik and Dr. Suraya Sulaiman from Alpha Catalyst Consulting. I got their permission to share the below insights from the book...

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Crowdsourcing Meets Open Innovation

Yes, you gotta love Lego! Not only is the company doing amazingly well during this ”crisis”; they are also constantly experimenting with new ways of working together with partners. Their new thing is Lego Cuusoo. Here Lego has teamed up with Cuusoo, which is a Japanese pioneer of user innovative product design that introduced a design-to-order process already in 1998. ...

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Superficial Open Innovation

Perhaps the question should be: Is the term, open innovation, superficial? The topic was raised at the Open Innovation Summit in Chicago after a presentation given by Susan Harman, Group Manager, Open Innovation at Intuit. Intuit began their open innovation efforts a few years back, and they have lots of ongoing initiatives. So they do open innovation, but when Susan ...

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