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Panamanian Innovation

The country of Panama, which gained its independence from Colombia in 1903, is best known as the home of the path between the seas – the Panama Canal.  The Canal was started by a French consortium in the late 1800s and completed by the United States in 1914.  The Canal, with twin sets of locks on the Atlantic and Pacific ...

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Innovate Like a (Monarch) Butterfly

I spent some time last year visiting a butterfly sanctuary in the cloud forest near Mashpi, Ecuador.  In this sanctuary, local support staff have identified 300 species of butterflies and have been able to reproduce 50 of them in a research facility referred to as the Life Center, which is basically a large, screened-in habitat for butterflies.  I watched intently ...

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Lines of Innovation – Part II

Lines of Innovation – Part II In a previous article (Lines of Innovation – Part I) I wrote about the importance of lines in thinking about innovation.  In this sequel, I will focus on additional examples where lines provide insight into the challenge of driving innovation.  A common theme of this article is the importance of the abstract and the ...

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The Innovation Moai Test

The Innovation Moai Test - Innovation Excellence

From an innovation standpoint, any innovator would be glad to find out that one’s creation continued to amaze future generations for hundreds of years. Yet I was struck by another analogy for innovation and the moai that could be relevant for modern practitioners.

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Moroccan Innovation

Morocco is a land that has mystified and enchanted travelers for ages. Situated between the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlas Mountains, and the Sahara Desert, Morocco is a place of geographic and cultural diversity, situated at the confluence of civilizations. This agglomeration of Moroccan cultures and geography makes for an interesting locale in which to study innovation.

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More Roman Innovation and How to Innovate Like a Tourist

I wrote recently about innovation lessons from the Roman Empire (SPQR Innovation) and in the course of my travels and research, I have uncovered additional Roman examples that are worth investigating.  I also would like to share an insight that occurred to me concerning a characteristic of tourism and how it relates to the challenges faced by innovation practitioners. Roman ...

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