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Should you rely on intuition?

One of the games I play with my colleagues is : “Guess the relationship”. The rules of the game are simple. When we are in restaurants each of us makes a hypothesis about the relationship between people sitting at another table. We discuss our intuitive sense of their relationship. If everyone agrees to your hypothesis you have to get up ...

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Cross-Functional Cooperation – Extraordinary Team Experiences

Leading and Managing Teams

Cross functional cooperation is one of the key resources for innovation. Compelling purpose of the project is to help create extraordinary cross functional team experiences. Implicit is the notion better cross functional cooperation leads to more innovation, better performance and more employee satisfaction. Cross functional cooperation Download the PDF (click on the image) to see how Roche with the help ...

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Agile Leadership

Sound Like a Leader

When I started working at KLM in my first ever job as a team leader I made every mistake I see beginning leaders make. I did the work, instead of helping others to do it. I told people what to do and how to do it, instead of focussing on purpose and main goals. I thought I knew the answers, ...

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Uncover Your Customers’ Dreams

I had been offering coach training for 25 years before I finally decided to ask my alumni why they came to me. I was facing a decision to invest in certification and wanted to know if it would make a difference. I found that my customers could easily get traditional training elsewhere. What made them come to me was: Personal ...

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Creating cooperation & belonging: Are you living up to your promise?

As I travel the world helping businesses to create communities of cooperation and innovation I sometimes wonder why we have not been able to solve the world’s Big Hairy Audacious problems together. We potentially have the knowledge, the resources and the technology to do so, but hunger, overpopulation, poverty and pollution are still on the rise. As Peter Block says in ...

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Cooperation for Innovation

One of my Polish agricultural machinery clients was having a hard time. His budget for marketing had been halved, even though his sales targets were maintained at growth rate. I had a lengthy conversation with him about options in cooperation. The trick is to find another party that is complementary in product, market or brand, some business with a similar ...

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Mine the Business Innovation Gaps: Seasonal Sharing for Scalability

I’ve been working with an agriculture machinery company over the years. This family run business designs and manufactures huge innovative machines that solve the current problems farmers face. Their industry is subject to the seasons, which means all farmers want new machines just before the harvest, so there’s a big peak of work in the period running up to harvest ...

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