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Edison's Approach to Goals

The State of the Union address often serves as my first mile marker for reviewing the goals I set for the coming year. It’s right about now that the shiny New Year’s resolutions we made on January 1st don’t look so compelling. At best, many of us have lost a big dose of the motivation we felt for our goals in the first place. At worst, our resolutions have evaporated into thin air.

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Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” The most frequently cited words ever spoken by Thomas Edison - for better or for worse - stand as a benchmark for the relationship between inspiration and human effort. But most people need more than 1% inspiration to do anything. In his genius, Edison only needed 1% inspiration…and our mourned wunderkind Steve Jobs as well. But the rest of us need much more than 1% to swing us into action.

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