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Innovation Requires Enlightenment

Many innovation articles and blogs are currently discussing the elements required to help make an organization more creative and dynamic, how to create higher value for customers, even how to develop new business models to transform markets. Executives seem to be looking for some “secret sauce” that will make the discovery-analysis-creation-launch process somehow easier. Reading the various views on innovation ...

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Peter Drucker on Innovation

Many people struggle with trying to define innovation, or what innovation is within an organization. I’ve recently been re-reading one of the best business books I have, “The Essential Drucker. The Best of Sixty Years of Peter Drucker’s Writings on Management” which is a compendium of his writings. Drucker wrote that purposeful innovation results from analysis, systemic review and hard ...

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Linking Strategy with Innovation

As difficult as it is to get a group of people to agree on a definition of innovation, it is even more complicated to get people to agree on what constitutes strategy. Strategy is about positioning for sustainable competitive advantage, making choices about which industries, products, services to deliver, and allocating resources to achieve the unique competitive position an organization ...

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‘Why’ Are You Innovating?

The Why of What You Do

Why do we go to work every day? Why do our companies exist? Why is our company going to exist in the future? “Why” is the fundamental question every business leader should be able to answer, immediately, with absolute clarity. Without knowing why a company exists and the purpose of the business, the people who work for an organization cannot ...

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