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Triumph of the Innovation Economy- Part 4

Was innovation still alive during Europe’s difficult “Dark Ages?” And could China have been on the brink of the Industrial Revolution four hundred years before the West? What does history teach us about innovation power and economic growth in the Medieval era?

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Triumph of the Innovation Economy

We’ve heard so much about innovation in recent years that some misguided folks already view it as nothing more than a management fad. This series of articles aims to put that notion to rest. Join me on an epic journey through history, from the dawn of civilization until today, to prove conclusively that innovation is – and always has been – the fundamental driver of human progress.

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Will China 2.0 Out-Innovate Your Company?

After thirty years as a “workshop for the world”, China is steadily and resolutely moving up the value chain. And this transition – from low-cost manufacturing to world-class innovation, design and marketing – will change the rules of competition everywhere on earth, including inside China.

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