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What am I supposed to use my iPad for again?

I wanted to use my iPad for at least a few weeks before writing about my experience, first with the setup and then with my usage, and what I think the future holds for the device. Wi-Fi reliability. During the first few days after the iPad’s release, the most common media topic was the iPad’s poor Wi-Fi reception. I was ...

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The 'Captive Upsell' Business Model

I was reading Free: The Future of a Radical Price by Chris Anderson the other day, and it got me thinking about other innovative business models. One of the best that I have encountered recently was at the Bridgestone tire store when I got new tires for my car. What was so impressive was how they convince you to purchase ...

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Being Too Innovative Might Get You Fired

A North Carolina principal was terminated for approving an “innovative” fundraising idea proposed to her by the parent advisory council. Their idea was to allow students to make a $20 donation to the school’s new technology fund in return for 20 “points” that could be added to two of their exams (10 points per exam). For example, if a student ...

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