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Make Innovation Everybody’s Business

“People around here wait to be told what to do,” grumbled the CEO of a billion dollar foods company the other day, just as I was about to speak to his managers. “But things are changing so rapidly in our markets that I can’t possibly come up with all the good ideas. I need ideas from everybody and frankly I’m ...

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True Test of a First Rate Innovator

Tom Peters used to remind executives that it mattered little what they proclaimed to be their top priorities. Instead, the “In Search of Excellence” co-author advised looking at your calendar to reveal your main concerns, because that is where you are spending your time. I thought of Peters’ admonition when reading IBM’s recently-released study of 2500 chief information officers. The ...

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Are You Thinking Ahead of the Curve?

The other day in Cincinnati I met Filippo Passerini, Procter & Gamble’s Chief Information Officer. Fascinating guy. Ph.D. in statistics from the University of Rome. Father of three. Technical mountain climber. And the toast of his organization right now for what he and his troops have been able to accomplish. Passerini was the driving force behind Procter’s radical revamping of ...

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