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Use Your Next Leadership Retreat to Manage the Future

Each year, thousands of organizational leaders head to the hills for an annual ritual: the strategic offsite leadership retreat. The purpose of such meetings, of course, is to get away from it all and strategize. To leave behind the quarterly pressures, and think big about the future. All too often, that’s not what transpires. Social events and the golf outing seem ...

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How Peloton Uses Consumer Insights To Drive Innovation

Peloton is the exercise company currently taking the fitness world by storm. The company’s sleek $2200 stationary bikes enable busy professionals to exercise at home, at any hour of the day or night. But that’s not what’s giving the $4 billion unicorn startup so much forward momentum right now. Peloton’s magic formula turns out to be its superior way of analyzing ...

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These Nine Powerful Technologies Are Now Ready for Rollout

Every technology goes through a Development Phase before entering its Application Phase. The tech-advancements below are all entering the Application Phase. They are ready to be used as innovation tools — and to be used to solve your company’s and your customers real world challenges. Innovators in large multinational organizations, as well as small and mid-sized firms are discovering creative ways ...

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Six Driving Forces of Innovation for 2019 and Beyond

Each year I interview hundreds of business leaders about innovation in their companies, and their outlook on the future. One question almost always gets asked: “what’s keeping you up nights?” What I’m hearing of late is about the sudden rise in business uncertainty. Is the decade-long economic recovery about to end? Will the U.S. and China come up with a ...

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How Does Amazon Do It? Five Critical Factors That Explain Amazon’s Incredible Success

With Amazon edging towards becoming the world’s first trillion-dollar company, fresh attention is being paid to the factors that could derail its growth. The company slowed a bit this quarter, sending the stock down eleven percent. Nevertheless, this downtick should not distract from the reality that Amazon has emerged as the new model of innovation effectiveness. They are something new in ...

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Eight Things Winning Innovation Teams Do Differently

Innovation Excellence

It’s no secret that innovation is tough to pull off. Even the “world’s most innovative” companies sometimes stumble. Just ask General Electric, which was recently delisted from the Dow Jones Index. Whirlpool’s tariff relief may give a boost to the beleaguered company, but American consumers appear to favor Korean brands and European styling. And former innovation powerhouse Proctor & Gamble ...

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The Four Modes of Thinking and How They Impact Performance

Hi there, this is your brain speaking. Just wondering what thinking mode you are operating in today?  Seems simple, but it’s important to know what’s going on up there. Here’s why: Success in today’s hyper-competitive global economy depends on what’s happening upstairs in that frontal lobe of your brain where problem-solving, creativity and other cognitive functions take place. Our research with thousands ...

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Three Ways to Fend Off Disruption

Disruption Ahead

Have you heard the joke about the disrupted barber? He was happily running a one-chair barbershop for years when a discount haircutter opened across the street. Customers deserted him. Business plummeted. The man grew desperate. Till one day he fought back: he created a sign and put it out front: “We fix $9 haircuts.” Business returned. As I travel this ...

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