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Just Do It – Career Innovation

If there was one slogan that dominated the aughts it was the Nike’s “Just Do It”.  I am not a fan of sweeping generalizations, a one size fits all solution. Many have ended up broke and broken by not planning, or thinking through the pros and cons of a risky venture. That said there are benefits gained by “doing it” ...

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Global Innovation

Innovation is a global phenomenon, I have witnessed this on a daily basis for the past five years. My company MMC has a site that uses rich media to market promising technologies from Federal Laboratories, Universities and Emerging Companies.  We also have metrics so we know who comes and what they watch. They come from all four corners of ...

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Bio Innovation

Talk to a Technology Transfer Executive at any University and they will tell you the licensing money is in Biotechnology, more simply put, in medicine. Innovation in the Biotechnology marketplace is a very different proposition than it is for materials, devices, energy, software or any other area of invention and innovation. The sums of money spent on research are huge, ...

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