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Four Perfect Situations for Brainstorming

While there are innumerable reasons for hosting a brainstorming session, the purpose for meeting can be summarized with four situations. They are the need to meet to: Fix Something Broken / Problem Solving Grow Something Get Ideas / Fill Idea Pipeline Innovate / Make Something New (1) Fix Something Broken / Problem Solving This is what is traditionally thought of ...

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Rules of the HP Garage

[The garage where Hewlett and Packard started HP, 1939 photo] by Paul Williams Founders Bill Hewlett and David Packard had the right idea when they first built their company. They believed if you had passion for what you did – and did it with quality – the money will follow. This was a pretty radial idea back in the 1940s, ...

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Creating Creative Meetings

Did use an abacus or slide rule to build your FY’10 budgets? To prepare and distribute information about next year’s Marketing Plan did you use a typewriter and make a duplicate with a layer of ink paper? Or did you hand crank copies on a Ditto (or Verifax) machine? Of course you didn’t. That would be crazy and inefficient. We ...

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