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Accumulating Patents at Universities

Since the 1980s, universities have ventured into a new line of business: patenting inventions from university research labs and brokering these patents to businesses and start-ups. Why university accumulate patents is a controversial, complicated and poorly understood topic.

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Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in University IP Strategy

Most universities work hard to develop a reasonable strategy to navigate the complicated ecosystem that surrounds innovative university research. However, too frequently, universities, even prestigious ones striving to foster an entrepreneurial climate on campus, use fear, not facts, to justify their intellectual property (IP) policy, particularly when it comes to IP clauses in industry/university research sponsorships.

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Introducing the Free Market into University Technology Transfer Services

An effective university technology transfer model should take advantage of lessons learned from the current process, tap into the power of the free market, use today’s internet technologies, and enlist emerging open innovation paradigms. The good news is that drastic change to today’s university tech transfer process may not be necessary. Let’s call this proposed model the “Plan B” approach ...

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