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Best US Universities for Innovation Transfer?

A university's ability to create and share innovative technology and know-how should be evaluated in a holistic way that includes both academic and commercial activities. In this article I compare the innovation transfer activities of U.S. research universities in a new, multi-faceted way: by counting and mapping universities according to their ability to...

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Set University Innovation Free

So what’s the problem? The problem is that innovative university research is not set free. Currently, university technology commercialization strategies rest on the assumption that university research is most commercially appealing when managed as potentially lucrative, university-owned intellectual property. The current approach to commercializing university inventions is due for an overhaul.

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Easing Contractual Burdens on University Start-ups

Universities do not intentionally set out to handicap their start-ups. University technology transfer staff do their utmost to help start-up founders get through the process. Most universities take their economic development role seriously, and work hard to license university-owned inventions to new businesses on fair terms. In fact, some would say that universities are generous... Then what’s the problem?

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