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The Cloud, the Fence, and the Stretch Factor

The cloud was on Time Warner Cable’s radar. Sitting outside their core business of television, phone, and internet services, cloud computing held the potential for significant new-to-company demand. But cloud computing is not a new-to-the-world business, and with a field of established incumbents, entering into the market was a risky proposition.

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Determining Innovation's Sweet Spot

Now more than ever, companies need great new ideas, great new products and great new businesses. However, innovators often fail to realize just how big the difference is between them. For example: Satellite radio is a fabulous idea, and Sirius is great product, but what a terrible business. Gillette Fusion isn’t a great idea – but is a great product ...

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The Ten Tenets of Transformation

THE POINT: How you think about an innovation challenge determines how well you deliver game-changing ideas. Our 10 Tenets of Transformational Thinking may be practiced by anyone, in any industry, at any scale, any time. Farewell, light bulb myths. Hello, consistent performance. THE TEN TENETS OF TRANSFORMATION Transformational thinking is all too often thought of as a once-in-an-eon lightning strike ...

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