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The Democratization of Leadership

I have rarely been as excited as I am this very moment about all the changes taking place in corporations and enterprises of all sizes around the world. By that I mean the “ Democratization of Leadership”. What inspired me to write the book ProVoke was to provoke my readers globally about the fact that disruption is the key to innovation, and that the Ecosystem of Disruption™ includes many different players. The constituents of the Ecosystem of Disruption, can not only instigate disruption, but also determine the path of disruption.

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"Me too" is Not Innovation

This holiday season Amazon introduced its tablet, the Kindle Fire. It was seen as a major move for Amazon, a possible threat to Netflix and an attractively priced alternative to the iPad. The media gushed. Jeff Bezos did his best Steve Jobs impression. It won’t mean a thing. A year from now, the iPad will still rule the tablet world.

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