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Boardroom Myopia – Symptoms and Remedy

Short-sightedness in boardroom decision making can take on many forms, e.g. failure to consider how the decision will be perceived outside the boardroom (optics) or failure to understand how the decision will affect the company over time (precedence). No matter the type of myopia, the impact is consistent: sub-optimal decisions that lead to conflict and public disillusionment. There is an easy-to-implement remedy: a decision sieve that helps boards review a series of questions to make sure they are consistently evaluating their decisions against the organization’s vision, mission, values and strategies and against the perceptions of stakeholders (e.g. employees, shareholders, vendors, community).

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Boardroom Burnout: Is there a pill for that?

Practical tips from board members on how to avoid wearing-out your directors! The challenge: It’s no secret that there are an increasing number of demands on boards. Directors are expected to keep abreast of the organization’s business model, performance, strategic challenges and risk environment, understand the industry, understand the legislative environment, be knowledgeable of and ensure compliance with regulatory and reporting requirements and changes, evaluate the CEO and board’s performance, has a compliant and effective compensation program, be current on applicable accounting rules and ensure that the organization has a solid succession plan and effective culture.

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Who's on Your Board?

Due to Sarbanes-Oxley and the SEC, ‘Tone at the Top’ has become a common place discussion in today’s corporate board rooms. We have succeeded in regulating a practice that has long been recognized as common sense: authenticity in leadership. From the regulator’s perspective, ‘Tone at the Top’ addresses the ethics of leadership: the financial control environment, transparency and integrity.

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