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IX Treasure Trove – The Debbie Millman Design Matters Interviews

Innovation has many mothers. Over the past few decades, designers have been steadily moving onto the world stage as central figures, arbiters and midwives, in the birth of new innovations. Both inside and outside the corporate process, as seen regularly on the uber-TED channel, and of course (bow, scrape) through the “more money than the US Government” DNA of Steve ...

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Resilience! aka Tom Peters

JUST when I was feeling completely physically and spiritually exhausted by the dumb and dumber Debt debate….this popped onto the screen of my i-phone and I was momentarily renewed by the automatic smile inside that this voice so often provokes: The “2Rs”: Relentless. Resilient. All you need to know?? 15 hours ago tom_peters and then… In the Resilience. Grant, looks ...

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TED Video Pick of the Week: Seth Prietbatsch on the Game Layer

Charming Princeton drop out Seth Prietbatsch gives us a quick lesson in game dynamics filled with user-friendly references (Happy Hour!) that can nudge us over to this compelling view of life, including the most prosaic, everyday tasks, as…a GAME.   Which means, from an Innovation Excellence/Build Capability perspective that we better be cranking on that GAME LAYER if we want ...

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How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns 

- Clayton Christensen

When I finally met Clayton Christensen last year, at the Tribeca Film Festival’s first annual Disruptive Innovation Awards, I was struck by how much he loves the world, and the way his work allows him to move through it, continuously learning and disrupting. Tell the truth.  Isn’t that why most of us work in innovation. In this talk, “Christensen brings ...

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Today’s Love Letter to Innovation

If we study history, we probably know what to do to get out of this economic morass. And the Dow’s recent rebound notwithstanding it isn’t just to feel good about compromising on taxes. It is to take the high ground and long road of investing in innovation. Listening to Andrew Ross Sorkin of the New York Times and Robert Hormats, ...

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