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Bill Strickland: A Santa for the Economy?

Would that Santa could bring us a few more Bill Strickland's! Or the "1%" might take a page out of his book. But in life's great art of individual uniqueness, there is only one of this special man. The entrepreneurial leadership he has demonstrated over many decades is one heck of a Solving-Big-Problems role model.

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Study in Courage: the "Done Manifesto"

"There are three stages of being, claims the 'The Done Manifesto': not knowing, action and completion. The Done Manifesto is simply the most visceral description of "doing the work" of innovation, the emotional/psychological nature of fast prototyping, iterating and working in our field that I've seen anywhere. This is not what just 'creative vision' feels like. This is what it feels like to create. "Create" and "Innovate" share the same root: "ate" which essentially means to consume, to preoccupy and engross.

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Weekend Mashup – 10-9-11 – The World Mourns Steve Jobs

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the steady media and political drumbeat of the word "jobs," the very unit of measure, that declares what is missing in our economy, that is repeated every minute of every hour, that, according to a new study from Gallup CEO Dan Clifford, represents the new American (and probably every other countries) definition of the American Dream is of course...Steve Jobs' last name. What we need, what we want, what we must create to be truly vibrant, inextricably, linguistically, linked forever to the founder of Apple.

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