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Loss Aversion & Idea Implementation

You've had a brilliant, creative idea that you believe could become a breakthrough innovation. You've researched and modeled the idea's potential and believe it could generate substantial more revenues. So, you make a nice presentation emphasising the manifold benefits of your idea and present it to top management. You are convinced they will buy into your idea and are devastated when they reject it. What happened? How could they not be seduced by the benefits of your idea?

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Job Pressure, Priority and Innovation

I have been corresponding with a chap involved in an interesting new company in Ethiopia. He asked me the following question, " the team is an ad-hoc one, sometimes our progress stands in the middle of the road due to pressures and priorities from other job responsibilities." I hear this kind of question often..

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Characteristics of Highly Creative People

Six Sets of Eyes for Innovation

There are a surprising number of blog posts about the characteristics of creative people. However, most of these seem to focus either on an idealised vision of an artist or the blog-writers idealised self image! Here is my take on the characteristics of highly creative people. However, what I have done is look at how creative people think -- based on my understanding of the latest research -- and applied it behaviour.

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Imagination is the Root of Innovation

Imagination is the realm of the mind where you see things that do not yet exist in this world, but which one day might. It is an under-appreciated yet critical element of creativity and innovation. Imagination is defined as well as anywhere by Wikipedia “the ability of forming mental images, sensations and concepts, in a moment when they are not perceived through sight, hearing or other senses”.

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Anti-Conventional Thinking (ACT)

Have you tried brainstorming, ideas campaigns, crowdsourcing and other idea generation activities only to be disappointed by the results? Does it seem most corporate brainstorm sessions generate little more than pat phrases comprising the management’s favorite buzz words? Does your idea management system fill up largely with predictable ideas that at best might result in incremental innovations? If so, you ...

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