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7 Tips for Launching a Great Innovation Contest

As GE launches its second phase of the highly successful Ecomagination Challenge, the concept of open innovation is becoming more and more mainstream. For this challenge, GE is asking for ideas to Power Your Home. Just as its name suggests, open innovation is an unrestricted concept adaptable to many applications and paradigms. From internal efficiency building to external calls for ...

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How to Turn Ideas into Business Results

Innovation management is a requisite step toward the positive growth of any organization. Recently, the focus has been on a specific part of innovation management being dramatically affected by the much buzzed about ‘social revolution’. Yes, the seemingly rigid, straightforward, top-down traditional Project Management process may be in the midst of a major transformation- due in part to major evolutions ...

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Targeted vs. Broad-Spectrum Innovation Campaigns

When considering launching an innovation campaign, there are many options and features to consider. To narrow it down, let’s consider two basic types of campaigns- targeted vs. broad spectrum. First let’s start by defining our terms. A targeted campaign is topic specific and will often have a defined time period with a predetermined start and end date, while broad spectrum ...

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