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Duplicate Ideas – Sometimes the Noise is the Signal

Duplicate Ideas - Sometimes the Noise is the Signal

When I started running my first crowdsourcing employee innovation program, I inherited an internal software platform. The prior program manager had just completed a proof-of-concept, and I was hired to move the program from test to launch and scale for 88K employees. As I was hired, new product features were being developed based on lessons learned from the pilot. One ...

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When More is Less in Crowd-sourcing Innovation

In most organizations, there is an omnipresent quest for more. With crowd-sourcing innovation programs, the first impulse is to seek more ideas. Is more really better? What about idea quality? Does ‘more ideas’ work against idea quality? And if so, then what do you do about it? In 2011, I launched the employee open innovation program at UnitedHealth Group (Fortune ...

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