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The Power of Information

The emergence of information as a storable, fungible entity is transforming our economy and our society in ways that we scarcely realize. It’s making us richer, smarter and even healthier. What’s more, its impact is accelerating, so we’ll see a lot more change in the coming decades than we have in the past. In fact, we’re just getting started.

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Crappy Innovation

Can you be crappy? Do you dare? When we think about innovation, we usually think about what impresses us. Like Steve Jobs standing on a podium showing off his latest triumph: Incredible! Revolutionary! Mind Blowing!

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5 Principles of Creativity

Back in the 1880’s, Frederick Winslow Taylor was able to make dramatic gains in efficiency by timing workers performing rote tasks. His efforts spawned the idea and practice of scientific management. Alas, these days routine jobs, even white collar ones such as bookkeeping, legal research and basic medical diagnoses are increasingly being automated by computer. Others fall prey to globalization and are outsourced.

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