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Rent My Life

In a world where we can rent everything, why should we own anything at all? The liberal answer may say that modern democracies are based on private property. And, my mind goes immediately at John Locke and his natural rights. Do we need, or do we have to protect at least, private property? I am not sure this is ‘the’ question. ...

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Don Draper is (Finally) Dead

David Bruel – Marketing, as we learned it, is dead.   We were Kings. I graduated from college in 2001. If you wanted to learn Marketing at that time, you had two options: join a consultancy firm or work in FMCG, ideally in the food industry. I had the privilege to be selected by one of the most admired companies ...

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The Future is So Smart

Spoiler alert: I will try to be brief, which is a huge undertaking for any Marketing professional, let alone an Italian one. And, I will be extremely dramatic. Drama, after all, is the true essence of life, and it helps, I guess, if you want to make a point. This whole piece revolves around one idea: Marketing is dead, thanks ...

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Understand To Lead

The Visionary Leader’s 3 Areas of Core Development

Spoiler Alert: David Bruel (DB) talks to a new way to lead, based on understanding, before anything else. This affects the way we ‘live’ a company culture. I agree, and also see the understanding of a company culture and its people as relevant as the understanding of the vision of a company, if there is one (Frank Pagano – FP.) ...

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Serendipity for Modern Leaders

This is my 2nd piece on craft and micro-marketing. I have asked Elisabeth Drzaic-Lang, Coach and Entrepreneur, to discuss with me how the way we look at Leadership has changed, given the revolution brought about by smaller & upcoming businesses. Old ways do not work any longer, and today’s Leaders need to change given new needs and challenges. Spoiler alert: it’s ...

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How Craft Brands are Transforming Innovation

Innovation is Dead. Long Live Innovation. This could be the meme for our current cultural schizophrenic views of this discipline. But traditional innovation , as we know it, is no longer the same. It has been taken by storm by Technology and by what we call Craft, which are small Brands, created from scratch, and that build their fortune on ...

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