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Innovation Schadenfreude

Creating Value from the Misery of Others The unspoken goal of innovation is to delight. In their delight, the user or recipient of the innovation validates the efforts made on their behalf to dispel their problem. For an innovator the joy comes from recognizing pain, suffering, heartache, or confusion and then conceiving of and designing something that takes that misery ...

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Inspiration is Not the Key to Innovation

Innovation-capable Cultures Demand Respiration by Drew Marshall “The essence of a creative culture is openness, curiosity, connecting, collaborating, and courage.” – A.G. Lafley When faced with the challenge of creating a vibrant, innovation-capable culture, many organizations focus their efforts almost entirely on the front end of innovation. Their focus implies that innovation begins and ends with ideation, and their efforts ...

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Innovation Tells

12 Signs Innovation is Alive and Kicking in Your Culture by Drew Marshall What are tells? A tell is an unwitting signal made by a player in a poker game. It is any clue, habit, behavior, or physical reaction that gives other players more information about your hand. Organizations have tells, too, signs, patterns, and behaviors that indicate what is ...

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