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Return on Failure

One of the key issues in innovation is learning from failure. These applied learnings create a new type of intellectual asset few companies acknowledge or appreciate. How do we measure this asset? I propose creating Return on Failure (ROF). After all, we measure the return on other types of assets, why not this one? Perhaps a way to measure ROF ...

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HR's Strategic Role in Innovation

Historically, Human Resources (HR) has not played a very strategic role in innovation. This needs to change. HR needs to support the culture change to enable innovation; and the upcoming generation isn’t going to settle for an ‘administrative-only’ role. Innovation is primarily a social thing. Really. While processes are important, ideas come from interactions between and among humans. At the ...

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The Business Plan Fallacy

As I’m reviewing business plans from college grads I’m mentoring (as an alumnae mentor at Brown Univ ) and from Glengary , the VC firm I’m a partner in, this whole business plan process is getting to me. So much of what I see in biz plans is, pardon the phrase, BS. We all know none of us believe any ...

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