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Innovation at Ground Zero

I recently watched the amazing Discovery Channel documentary Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero chronicling the reconstruction of the World Trade Center after the tragedy of 9/11. The show is an awe inspiring mix of engineering marvels, construction complexity, and a healing nation. The documentary, directed by Steven Spielberg, chronicles the entire span of the project, from the initial visions of the architects, to the planning and coordination of the supervisors, to the steel, concrete, and iron workers erecting the skyscraper at jaw-dropping heights. The new World Trade center is designed to be both a memorial honoring the past, and a beacon of hope looking toward America's future. No matter what project you are working on, there are some impressive takeaways you can apply to your own work.

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Innovation, Power, and 'The Decision'

We all like to believe that we are pretty good judges of ideas. We think we can objectively evaluate an idea based on its merits and recognize a creative solution, an innovative breakthrough, or a smart decision. When it comes to spotting the brilliant idea, we, like Potter Stewart, believe we know it when we see it. The reality is ...

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Escape from Brainstorm Island with Paddy Miller

We tend to innovate by going off on an island, with lots of Post-its and flip charts, and we end up stuck on Brainstorm Island. How do we escape from Brainstorm Island? Paddy Miller posed this question to the audience at the 2011 World Innovation Forum. In a riveting – and often hilarious – presentation, Miller made the case to ...

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Reframing the Problem – Innovation in the Wine Industry

Paddy Miller told the audience at the World Innovation Forum that one of the keys to innovation is correctly framing the problem before you search for the solution. Consider Miller’s amusing example: You’ve invited guests over for a dinner party. You don’t know them very well, but you are looking forward to a wonderful Friday evening. An hour before the guests ...

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The Innovative Company of the Future

Innovation Lessons from the Six Rules of Urban Planning

Two weeks ago, I attended the PDMA 2010 Global Conference, where innovators gathered and traded tips on the latest in innovation business practices. Several themes consistently emerged from the various presentations – shift to open source ideation, the importance of engaging the customer, and a shift toward business model innovation, to name a few. Reflecting on the conference, I got ...

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