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What is Innovation?

People often think it’s weird when they hear that I study innovation – even people in very innovative jobs. The biggest reason for this is mistaking invention for innovation. If you do this, then studying innovation makes no sense at all – what can you learn about the flash of insight, the stroke of genius, etc.?

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You Are Not a Special Snowflake

You are not a special snowflake. Many people resist innovation by talking about all of the special problems they face. Too many constraints, too much regulation, a risk-averse corporate culture, a complacent, traditional industry, or a unique set of obstacles that you can’t possibly understand if you don’t face them yourself – all of these are terrible excuses for not innovating.

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Mistakes versus Experiments

One of the reasons that people try to avoid failing is that it seems like they’ve screwed up if they fail. This can certainly be the case, if your failure is major. But if you set up experiments to test ideas out, and you learn from them, then failing can be very productive.

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