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Innovation is the Means, Not an End in Itself

Innovation is like choosing the right tool

Innovation is all the rage, and for good reason. The most successful innovators outperform other companies by a wide margin. For example, according to the 2018 Global Innovation 1000 study, the sales growth of top innovators was 2.6 times and the operating income growth 2.5 times that of the average of the companies in the study. Even more startling is ...

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Intuition is Essential for Innovation

Woman blindfolded

In 1996 I conducted a large research program on leadership development. I had been a director in multinationals for a long time, and was frustrated by the lack of behavioural results the leadership curriculum was generating. So I set out to find out what actually helped business leaders to learn. One of the outcomes of the research was that top ...

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The New ‘Golden Age’ of Medicine

There’s No Better Time to Be a Doctor Victor Fuchs and Mark Cullen published an article in JAMA questioning the impact changes in health care systems have on doctors. The authors argue that the medical education establishment should respond to such changes with curriculum reform that includes, among other things, health economics and population health. They further provide a short history of health ...

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Digital Transformation Is Human Transformation

A decade ago, many still questioned the relevance of digital technology. While Internet penetration was already significant, e-commerce made up less than 4% of retail sales. Mobile and cloud computing were just getting started and artificial intelligence was still more science fiction than reality. Yet today, all of those things are not only viable technologies, but increasingly key to effectively ...

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Emerging Collaborative Tribes, Networks and Collectives 

It is becoming widely accepted that collaborative organisations adopt more fluid and loose structures, where individuals are given greater responsibility to take smart risks, make decisions appropriate to their role and the task concerned: Without hierarchy, status, power plays and the conventional “red tape” implicit rules, where people have a hunger to learn, are willing to continually improve and learn ...

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Combining lean startup and agile with a design-led approach reduces business risk

For most corporations, leading in quality means continually pursuing organizational excellence. This means leaders have to make sure that the organization is fit for its purpose, stays that way, and keeps improving over time. Maintaining quality is much easier when the risks involved are lower. Organizations tend to reduce risk by defining things that can be measured and incentivized. The side effect of this, ...

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International Intrapreneurship Conference at Orange

2019 February 19th took place at Orange Gardens (Paris/Châtillon, France), a comprehensive conference related to intrapreneurship. 200 people gathered for this Intrapreneurship celebration, a huge success! Following opening by Luc Bretones (Orange), the programme was organized in 3 main tracks: Intrapreneurs testimonials and roundtable with Hadrien Devichi (Société Générale/Elyxir), Jean-Yves Ingea (Thales/Heropolis), Victor Jouan (Accor), Alexis Bafcop (Orange); Corporations point of ...

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Are you disruptive or disruptive, doctor?

A friend and colleague physician entrepreneur was recently lamenting the fact that , in business, being disruptive is a good thing , but, in medicine, it can result in , among other bad things, losing your license to practice. Despite that, the AMA wants you to be disruptive. In business, disruptive innovation, a term of art coined by Clayton Christensen, describes a ...

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Top 20 Innovation Articles of April 2019

Drum roll please… At the beginning of each month we will profile the twenty posts from the previous month that generated the most traffic to Innovation Excellence. We also publish a weekly Top 8 as part of our FREE email newsletter. Did your favorite make the cut? But enough delay, here are April’s twenty most popular innovation posts: Jeff Bezos ...

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