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Idea Challenges – You Get What You Give

In contradiction to what many people think, Idea Challenges are not about getting, they are about giving. Your employees will not automatically start sharing great, useful and relevant ideas to your organisational needs. As an organisation, you must give a lot before you get anything at all. And I do not mean prizes or money. In this blogpost I will ...

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Why Early Google and Facebook Employees Are Rallying to Protect Kids from Social Media

Algorithms are driving behaviors that may very well be inadvertently targeting society’s most vulnerable, and the Social Media obsession may be harming children in ways that we are just beginning to understand. Social media is one of those topics that divides people. Some see it as oxygen–they can’t live without it–and others see it as Sarin gas–not wanting to get ...

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Agile Leadership

Sound Like a Leader

When I started working at KLM in my first ever job as a team leader I made every mistake I see beginning leaders make. I did the work, instead of helping others to do it. I told people what to do and how to do it, instead of focussing on purpose and main goals. I thought I knew the answers, ...

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What They Won’t Teach You in HA school, Medical School or Residency

I think “health administration” is an anachronism, since we have a sick care system masquerading as a health care system and the last thing we need is more administrators, rather than leaderpreneurs. Consequently, those offering programs to students interested in being health systems administrators offer courses and measure competencies designed to fight a phony war. Instead, they should be requiring graduates to demonstrate the ...

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Four Ways to Nudge Smarter Innovation

I love behavioral science. Together with related disciplines such as perceptual science, cognitive linguistics and cognitive psychology, I’ve found it to be incredibly useful in helping us both to innovate, and to communicate our innovations more effectively. However while it is wonderful for guiding our designs, it’s critical to remember that its theories are approximations that do not precisely predict ...

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Why Do Startups Fail?

Premise: There has been enough written about startups and reasons why almost all of them fail. So, why write another post about this? Even though there is no dearth of resources (blogs, videos, books, stories, etc) on reasons why startups fail and how to avoid them, I don’t see any reduction in the failure rates of startups; I don’t see ...

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