Rookie Entrepreneur Mindset Mistakes

by Arlen Meyers

Rookie Entrepreneur Mindset Mistakes

Innovation starts with the right mindset. Doctors who are considering a side gig or an alternative non-clinical career, have a hard time getting their heads around the entrepreneurial mindset. There is a difference between the clinical mindset and the entrepreneurial mindset.

In my view, only about 1% of doctors have an entrepreneurial mindset because premeds don’t get selected for that trait. They get selected because they know how to memorize a bunch of stuff, take standardized tests, perform at scripted interviews that neither the interviewer nor the interviewee know how to do and they generally know how to conform. They are exceptional at checking off boxes and increasingly refine that skill as they go into clinical practice. Those that get off the reservations do so despite the medical education system, not because of it. They learn early how to diagnose and treat craniorectal inversion syndrome. They have cured their credentialitis.

So, if you are struggling with these head games, try to avoid these mindset mistakes and stop thinking that:

  1. Because you have lots of initials after your name that you add value
  2. You have to get a non-clinical job to learn the mindset. In fact, the idea is for you to create your own job and hire other folks, not vice versa.
  3. You will get paid what you are earning now
  4. You are the person who decides whether your ideas, inventions or discoveries have any value. All value is user defined. Here are some business model canvas rookie mistakes.
  5. The knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies that got you to where you are now will get you to where you want to go
  6. Networking and schmoozing is not important
  7. It will take a few months
  8. You have to quit your day job
  9. You have to create a company
  10. You can do it by yourself
  11. You can tell truth to authority without consequences
  12. You can disrupt without consequences
  13. You can blow the whistle without consequences
  14. You will get academic promotion and tenure credit for your entrepreneurial activties
  15. You won’t get fired

Personalities are fixed. Mindsets, however, can be changed and you and only you can do it. If you are unwilling and/or unable to do that, then maybe you should just continue to see another 20 patients a day until you retire and just stop complaining.

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