1. 2015 Nominees:
    Stephane Vincent (@stephvincentIN)
    Jorge Barba (@jorgebarba)
    Chicago Ideas Week (@chicagoideas)
    Centric Innovation Network (@centricindy)

  2. My nominees for 2015


  3. The Innovation Architect (@InnoArchitect)

  4. 2015 Nominees:

    Frans Johansson (@frans_johansson)

    Kevin McFarthing (@InnovationFixer)

  5. @eugeneivanov101

  6. There are lots of accounts I follow on the 2014 list.

    It would be good to see more British nominations as we have some fantastic innovators who share outstanding content.

    My favourite twitter accounter from a brilliant UK innovator is @paulbromford (Paul Taylor)

  7. @BMGI_Innovation

  8. I nominate Dominic Venturo from US Bank @innov8tr

  9. We need more women innovators on this list, and more diversity, period. First, I must nominate our Women Who Innovate Co-Founders, including me:

    @WomenInnovate (LeAnna Carey)

    @Renee_Hopkins (Renee Hopkins)

    @WandaMcClure (Wanda McClure)

    @CreativeSage and @CathrynHrudicka (Cathryn Hrudicka — my two accts., business and arts-focused respectively. If only one, then @CreativeSage)


    @TeresaAmabile (Teresa Amabile)

    @WorkingKnowledg (Andrea Meyer)

    @dscofield (Debra Mills Scofield)

    @RosabethKanter (Rosabeth Moss Kanter)

    @tseelig (Tina Seelig)

    @calestous (Calestous Juma)

    @ReachScale (David Wilcox)

    @ShaunCoffey (Shaun Coffey)

    I’ll come back if I think of more people. Everyone from the past few years should still be on the list, too. Therefore, I’m not listing them all here, but just a few people who should definitely stay on it, plus some more women, and I’d like to see more women and men who are not Caucasian and who are from the Southern Hemisphere and Asia.

    Could we expand the list to 75 or 100? I would love to add more people in specific areas of innovation, i.e., health care, social innovation, civic & gov innovation, educational innovation, etc.

    Of course, everyone from the Innovation Excellence staff should remain on it! 🙂

  10. In my previous comment, please correct spelling — @dscofield should be Deb Mills-Scofield. Thanks!

  11. Two more women in innovation:

    @4byyoung (Brenda Young)

    @@MajkenP (Majken Praestbro)

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