Destined for Greatness or Doomed from the Get-Go

by Innovation Excellence

After using statistical algorithms to predict the fate of a few thousand companies, venture capitalist, Thomas Thurston has exposed controversial discoveries about what drives commercial success for disruptive innovation. It’s confounding simple, but, still really hard to apply because— we’re so human.

Pop Quiz: 15 years ago, would you have predicted that Jon Stewart and Comedy Central would become the most trusted fake news organization? What can we learn from the Jon Stewart model about how to disrupt for commercial success?

Thomas Thurston is the CEO of Growth Science, a global leader in simulating business models and has informed billions of dollars in innovation investment, organic growth, corporate venture capital and acquisitions.

Growth Science is doing really interesting work focusing on a predictive approach that uses math and data analytics to guess the certainty of the future.

“It’s using data to exceed the limitations of our intuition.” – Thomas Thurston

Check out the rest of the video interview to see how businesses are able to make informed decisions through data science.

At the Predicting Commercial Success–To Disrupt or Not to Disrupt Do-Tank at the Anti-Summit (beta) participants will learn some of the science involved and test what they’ve learnt on three impressive startups.

Tea leaves, tarot cards, and crystal balls welcome, but not required.

image credit: Christian Schnettelker

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