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Innovation or Not - Autonomous AutomobilesWhy is that we as humans we feel comfortable letting someone else drive the bus, fly the plane, or drive the train, but that when it comes to our automobiles we feel like we need to be in control?

As sensors become smaller, faster, cheaper, and more capable, autonomous automobiles become more of a potential commercial reality. Already some luxury cars have collision avoidance technology, automated parking and other computer-controlled functions. If you’re not sure what an autonomous automobile is or the baby steps that have already been taken, you might want to check out this video from Texas Instruments:

And of course the most famous, and longest running test of a fully (on nearly so) autonomous automobile is the Google self-driving car. You’ve probably heard of it, but here is a short video that takes you for a ride in it and explains how it works:

So, are you ready to give up control of your automobile? Is this all just a gimmick, a pipe dream, and something that will never come to pass?

Will people ever be ready to embrace them and participate in wide adoption?

Which leads to the final question…

Are autonomous automobiles an innovation or not?

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