Monthly Archives: December 2013

modelH update: Key Resources

modelH is a co-creation forum dedicated to building an open source business model canvas for the US healthcare system. Our recent project sprint on Key Resources focused on the importance of a talented labor force in a successful business. This update will bring you up to speed on what the modelH community determined with regard to Key Resources, what we'll be addressing in next week's blog and in our co-creation forum, and how you can get involved.

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Creating Innovation Cocktails at #BEI13

Great conferences are a lot like great cocktail parties. We had two kinds of cocktails at the IIR Back End of Innovation in Santa Clara in November. Real-deal parties hosted by Tito's Vodka, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and Vision Services Program, and also by Roche to toast Vivek Wadwha on his new book: Innovating Women. And then a parallel cocktail party stream which lasted for 72 hours and not a drop of liquor was served, was the whole conference...exponential stories and bumper-car meet ups with people who were doing stuff you wanted to know more are a few of the great one liners that suggest why!

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