Monthly Archives: July 2013

Are you Leaving Money on the Table with Stage-Gate®?

Most new product development and Stage-Gate® processes do not manage value and pricing with intention. Most firms rely on legacy pricing levels, competitive pricing levels or their internal cost information to price their innovation opportunities in the Stage-Gate® process. That might explain why a vast majority of new product and service launches are failures.

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Too Busy to Innovate

I've begun to wonder if the concept of innovation in large corporation is an exercise in pointless navel gazing. And no, this isn't another bashing of brainstorming, or a recent conversion based on my experiences with faulty innovation logic. No, the challenge to innovation is based on the recent development of a core strength: focus, efficiency, time management.

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Researching Different Minds Thinking Greatly

Our data shows that when diverse minds from different cultures collaborate on new approaches, good ideas result. The conclusions we drew from this analysis have resulted in behavioral change at EMC. Most notably we’ve formed a global “Innovation Best Practices Community” in order to intentionally stimulate this behavior.

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