Monthly Archives: March 2013

Avoiding Innovation Debt

By now, most people have heard of Technical Debt; the cost of messy code that grows over time, like interest on an overdue loan. For the last couple of years I’ve been talking at No Fluff Just Stuff conferences about the concept of “Innovation Debt”. I’ve been planning to blog about this for a while. Thanks to Aaron Frost for persuading me to finally write up the post.

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Growth is Human

Can business growth and renewal be more inevitable than decline and failure? The short 15 min film "Growth is Human" takes into an all too familiar story about what happens when companies fail to grow. Whether in Silicon Valley, Dubai, Detroit, Mumbai, Shanghai, or north Philadelphia — is of no consequence. Companies of all shapes, sizes and geographies share the common objective to, not only avoid the fate of companies like Globe Dye Works, but to also find strategies to thrive and grow.

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Are Chief Innovation Officers Delivering Results?

But the arrival of innovation czars represented a new approach to driving organic growth. The idea was to “put somebody in charge” who would lead innovation efforts. “A chief innovation officer needs to be a blend of marketer, technologist, strategist and businessperson,” observed BusinessWeek in a 2007 article. Fast-forward almost a decade and you can’t help but wonder: how’s it going? Are these new-breed CIOs delivering the goods?

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