Why Smartphones Out-rate Laptops for Young Adults

by Simon Hopes

Why Smartphones Out-rates Laptops for Young AdultsThe smartphone industry is booming and young adults everywhere are favoring these portable devices over laptops. It is becoming the device of choice because it has many more conveniences than the laptop.

Longer Battery Life

A smartphone can last all day because more people do not use it constantly. The battery has a long usage time. More consumers are interested in a device that doesn’t die after a couple of hours of use. More laptops vendors boast of long battery usage, but a laptop that is being using for more than an hour will power down. Most of the long battery life that is advertised is for standby mode.

Lighter and Easier to Conceal

The smartphone is always present. Most people only have a laptop when they are expecting to use it. This means that a person with a laptop may not necessarily have this device when they are out. At the other end of the spectrum, a person always has a smart phone with them. It is much lighter and easier to conceal. There is no burden or extra baggage that comes with this device.

The laptop is still a great backup device to have, but young adults are definitely much more dependent on their smart phones. They can take their phones to parties and other social gatherings without any type of hassle.

Apps & More Features

The smart phone has become an all-in-one type of device. People can take quality photos and record videos with the smart phone. This is something that individuals just cannot do with laptops. That is why a lot of young adults prefer it. Young people are heavily wired into the social network. Apps like Facebook and Twitter allow people to stay connected. This is why so many people are leaning towards smart phones. They can send pictures through Instagram apps instantly. This is much more convenient that the laptop.

Faster Access to the Network

The network for wireless products is growing. There are 4G users that are excited about the speed of the wireless network for smart phones. This all makes it much easier for consumers to access the network faster. Young adults must consider the fact that the smart phone is always on. A laptop has to connect to the network and obtain an IP address. This makes it a lot less faster than a smart phone.

People like the fact that the smartphone is always connected. They don’t have to log into the email accounts. Individuals get their emails pushed to the phone. They can send text messages and get instant replies. They can also check the news much faster with the smart phone. There are all types of apps that allow people to connect to the network in mere seconds. It cuts down a lot of time that is spent waiting for a laptop to boot up. People can open an Internet browser app and get connected instantly.

image credit: riverbed.com

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