Innovation Quotes of the Week – Dec. 9, 2012

by Mari Anixter

Innovation Quotes of the Week - Nov. 4, 2012

This week we continue a featured series of some of our favorite innovation-related quotes. Click on author name for access to the article. And, please contribute your favorite innovation quotes in the comments and we’ll feature the best submissions in next week’s Innovation Quotes of the Week.

“The power of design is something every innovator must understand and leverage.”

Donna Sturgess

“The emergence of leaderless organizations creates important questions.”

Greg Satell

“So how do you know when you’ve crossed over to the dark-side and can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction?”

Mike Myatt

“I think we’re about 10 years into a 50 year change here.”

Charles Trevail with Doug Williams

“Start-up” has replaced “Silicon” as the reigning entrepreneurship buzzword.”

Daniel Isenberg

“The company may have created the smartphone market, but now its products are so irrelevant that it isn’t even considered a market participant.

Adam Hartung

“We are idea rich, selection baffled and adoption poor.”

Peter J. Denning from Paul Hobcraft

“Overstay. You’re welcome. That’s the thinking behind a new innovation in hotel checkout from the Australian-based chain.”

Jorge Barba

“What’s interesting about all this fascination with risk is the seeming inability to understand risk from the customer’s perspective.”

Jeffrey Phillips

“An innovation from a completely different industry suddenly disrupts our business model….how do we respond?”

Holly Green

Clearworks - Customers, Connections, Clarity

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Mari AnixterMari Anixter is Managing Editor for Innovation Excellence. She is a communications professional living in New Mexico.

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