Holiday 3.0: from Smartphones to Showrooming

by Patrick Meyer

Holiday 3.0: from Smartphones to ShowroomingThe countdown to the Holidays is underway. So wouldn’t it be SMART to have added, innovation related insights about this Holiday and shopping…complete with emerging gift choices for Smartphone fans? See IX’s global innovation correspondent and Business 3.0 expert, Patrick Meyer, PatrickTV episode on “Holiday 3.0: From Smartphones to Showrooming”.

As The CEO Futurist and mobile savvy expert, he gives you an insightful perspective on: 1) the 5 key insights to have on your radar this Holiday as an innovator, marketer or even a shopper, and 2) his 5 recommended gift areas for the “smart” fans on your Holiday list.

Here’s the 2012 Smart Holiday 3.0 article and the latest PatrickTV: Holiday 3.0 below:

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 Introducing PatrickTV - Innovation 3.0Patrick Meyer is the Global Correspondent for Innovation Excellence, and an Innovation and Business 3.0 Expert, Author and Keynote Speaker. He is the founder of PatrickTV and The CEO Futurist – Delivering The Future Now.

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  1. Very interesting stuff, Patrick. The world is changing and brick-and-mortar big box retailers are in mortal fear about showrooming and the implications for their businesses. Best Buy hired a top executive who has previous success with ramping up Williams Sonoma’s retailing online.

    But what are the big box retailers going to do about the reduced profit margins as they try to compete with Amazon and other online retailers who do not have the overhead??? The internet has disintermediated so many businesses since its inception. It is a changing world and the mobile computing revolution will accelerate that change.

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