New Online Marketing Strategy – Predict Surprising Google Updates

by Amanda DiSilvestro

New Online Marketing Strategy - Predict Surprising Google UpdatesThe Internet marketing industry is constantly coming up with innovations and original ideas to help increase visibility. After all, it isn’t easy to really create a presence online because the web is so large, so finding new and creative ways to work with something like the Internet is a must. One of the biggest reasons Internet marketing is full of innovators—Google updates. Google controls nearly 60 percent of the search market, so webmasters are at their beck and call. Whenever Google changes their algorithm by making an update, your SEO results are bound to change.

The most interesting thing about Google updates is the fact that they always seem to come as a surprise. A company could be optimizing their website for Google and then suddenly BAM! Google changes the way they’re going to rank websites on a Google SERP. This is where some real innovators came in and said enough was enough. Let’s predict when Google is going to launch an update.

How to Predict a Google Update with These Two Tools

Although no tool can predict a Google update perfectly, having some sort of warning is better than nothing. And when this warning comes to you through visuals—well then even better. Below are two different tools that can help you get prepared for a Google Update:

  1. MozCast – The tool that gives you a “weather” update.

This tool will actually put out a “weather” forecast each day; although the weather equates to whether or not a Google update is coming close. If there is a mild temperature without too many clouds, you’re probably looking at an average day. In other words, there likely isn’t a Google update coming soon. However, if the weather looks very hot, you might want to prepare yourself for an update. Below is a screenshot of what the weather looks like today, September 9, 2012. You will also see a chart that shows you the weather for the last 30 days:

So how does the report work? This tool is free from SEOMoz and tracks 1,000 keywords every day on the same specific website to see if there were any changes when it came to Google search results. One of the best parts about this tool is that it’s easy to see the report. Because the report is free, all you have to do is go to the MozCast website and take a look. You can even download a widget to put right on your desktop just as you do with the real weather.

  1. SERPs Volatility Index – The tool that tracks both Google and Bing.

This tool tracks hundreds of thousands of keywords by analyzing nearly 1,000 of the most popular websites across both Bing and Google. This tool also gives you a graph representation of the data it gathers, but not in the form of weather. Below is a screenshot of how you will see the data:

As you can see, you can look at 30 or 90-day results and compare them to the average. The tool is free from and therefore works in the same way as the tool discussed above—just head over to the website and you will see all of this data easily. You can, however, pay for an extra service that allows you to compare your site’s rankings to some of the sites that were affected above; thus helping you understand when an update is really going to affect you (because updates affect different websites differently). There is a trial where you can test out this feature for free.

Will you try either of these tools? Do you think these were good innovations in the world of Internet marketing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Amanda DiSilvestro is an Online Content Editor and Writer at Higher Visibility. Her interests include playing viola, reading, creative writing, new cultures/languages and social media.

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