Monthly Archives: August 2012

Channeling Rowan Gibson at Healthcare Unbound 2012

I recently had the privilege of leading the Innovation Workshop at the Ninth Annual Healthcare Unbound Conference, and we'll show you a glimpse of the workshop. Our goal was to spark insight on how to move to the next innovation level or jumpstart ideas by demystifying the innovation process. Gibson and Skarzynski's Innovation To the Core, was our reference book as we co-created a blueprint to serve as a systematic roadmap.

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Entrepreneurial Spirit, M.I.A.

As business begins to boom, the fight-to-survive instinct fades and the entrepreneurial spirit isn’t quite what it was when the company was a startup. Sometimes it’s completely M.I.A. More and more people seem to need more resources to get ideas implemented quickly. Eventually, the ability to flex, react and innovate is lost.

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