Executing innovation

by Maria Paula Oliveira

Executing InnovationOne of the biggest challenges when it comes to innovation is not just the generation of ideas. Normally, people are able to be creative, especially when well stimulated by techniques such as brainstorming or design thinking.

The big key to the process of innovation is how to transform ideas into value. In a word: Execution!

In general, when we are taking care of day-to-day business, it’s pretty obvious that we should follow three main steps: definition of objectives and strategies, organization and planning, finally, execution. However, when we think of innovation, there is a natural impulse to jump from the idea straight to execution. It’s like the Eureka! allowed us to skip the planning stages and just start doing and going over the existing business.

Recalling that innovation should not be seen as a one-off event but a process, it is necessary to provide ideas with structure and leadership, with a dedicated team, so they can be developed and implemented alongside the day-to-day, and not in a situation of competition with the routine.

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Maria Paula OliveiraMaria Paula Oliveira is the Manager of Corporate Innovation at Serasa Experian and Experian Latin America, a major credit and marketing information corporation. Her core expertise includes innovation management, market analysis, trends identification, business development, negotiation, strategic planning, competitive intelligence and marketing. Maria Paula is both an American and Brazilian citizen.

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