Creativity – a Birthright

by Tomislav Buljubasic

Creativity is a BirthrightEveryone is born creative, kids are so creative, and human beings made the civilization and modern technology with this gift. But, when people hear what I’m doing, they always start to ask similar questions like:

How can one become creative?
Which ideas have the best chance?
How can I know what already exists?
But, I don’t have a chance from here?

Often, creativity is something that “someone else is doing”, someone in big offices, someone in R&D or “Innovation departments”, someone who knows it better…

But, everyone is born creative, right? Creativity and innovation can (should) happen in every environment.

People are often too occupied with their everyday-work, that they don’t have the time to think of something else. Often, they think that “people in management” are the ones who should think about new ideas.

Well, this is so wrong, everyone could have improvement ideas in everyday-work.

One way is to show positive examples – success stories from their company or even better, from their department in order to figure out that creativity can happen also in their workplace.

To be able to help them, first the obstacles to innovation must be recognized.

So, what’s blocking creativity? In most cases it’s the knowledge and time.

There is no chance for innovation if there is no knowledge about current trends, or there is no knowledge on what the competition is doing. This could be done with series of prepared workshops or even better, with establishing technology management process if possible.

Maybe, this could be the first thing needed to be done in the long way to build Innovation Ecosystem.

Next problem is the time – when to develop ideas. Well, first come to an idea and then find time, right? Ideas always gets innovator’s attention and true innovator will always find time for idea.

To start, people must be reminded that they ARE creative, if not in their workplace, then in the garage, in the backyard or in the kitchen.

Creativity has to be awakened within. Creative potential engaged.

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Barriers to Innovative CultureTomislav Buljubasic is an Innovation Manager and writer from Croatia, focusing on creativity, innovation culture and process. Author of Unleash Your Creativity App. He can be followed on twitter @buljubasict

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  1. Interesting article, thank you.
    One other thought, is fear. Children have no fear, they climb walls & trees, put silly things on, experiement and generally act like children should do, but us adults, this can be a problem. Fear of being creative infront of others, letting our guard down. Sometimes being creative needs that sense of being 5 and a child again.
    Put us adults in a group of our peers or same, and would we act creatively? think groupthink would come into play.
    Its a shame we cant progress like the film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Brad Pitt, grow younger as we age, imagine the creative experiences we could have with the knowledge of wisdom.

  2. Hi Brian,

    you’re right, fear is important factor. I always state that the most important part of setting innovation culture in organization is removing fear.


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