Frugal Innovation Research

by Innovation Excellence

From Yasser Ahmad Batti, a Management Research student at the Said Business School at Oxford, this presentation discusses frugal Innovation. It focuses on doing more with less, by looking at how entrepreneurs and innovators in emerging markets devise low cost strategies to tap or circumvent institutional complexities resource limitation. By developing and delivering products and services to low income users with little purchasing power, often at mass scale and arguably in a sustainable manner, innovation rapidly takes place.

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  1. Hi Yasser! Very good choice of research topic, congratulations! I believe that frugal innovation will develop differently when compared to TQM. The former requires national mobilization for cultural and educacional changes, whereas the latter was ‘simply’ a new management tool. Cheers!

  2. This is a trend that is surely going to drive Western companies to think differently about innovation. I’ve put together some random thoughts about the potential impact of frugal innovation on the supply chain on my blog.

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