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  1. A fascinating video, and all very believable. Corning has done amazing things with glass in the past. In the 1920s and 1930s, the rich had a fad for heated glass towel racks. During domestic metal rationing in WWII, many household appliances like steam irons and percolators were reintroduce fabricated in an improved form of glass. (I have several of the glass percolators, use one daily and even have one in the box with a certificate promising to replace the inside perc device if it breaks from “normal usage.”)

    Corning introduced our “21st Century” ceramic stove stops back in the late 1970s. I still use Cornflower blue CorningWare casseroles (and a detachable “frying pan” that are all over 40 years old. Burnt lasagna floats off with soapy water.

    I think that Corning is one of our greatest examples of enduring American technology and ingenuity.

  2. Michael Carroll

    I’m buyin’ stock in Windex!

  3. i love this concept of you guys i appreciate it

  4. Just wait, they’ll invent a way to keep fingerprints on. Then, they will sell us the most expensive brand of glass cleaner that could possibly be invented.

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