Monthly Archives: January 2012

Five Events That Will Shape University Technology Transfer

If I had to characterize the year 2011 in the world of university technology transfer, I would describe it as a year of "wait and see." Of course several notable events happened -- for example, patent reform and a Supreme Court case that clarified limitations on university patent ownership. But my sense was that this year’s big events will make their true impact felt over the longer term.

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Who Killed Our Business?

We can broadly simplify innovations into two kinds - incremental and radical. Incremental innovations are improvements to current products, methods, processes, services, partnerships and so on. Customer complaints and suggestions are a good source of ideas for incremental improvements. So are the people who work in the organization. If you ask customers how your product could be better or if you ask employees how their job could made easier they will come up with plenty of proposals.

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The Only Thing that Will Save Us – Confidence

I know, I know. You think I'm as batty as Julie Andrews -- spinning up that dirt road to the von Trapp manor with guitar in hand, singing, "I have confidence in me!" Maybe it is a little crazy. But it's true. Even the cold, hard facts of this complex global economy make this same emotional plea. Confidence -- or a lack there-of -- is paramount.

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