May Santa Bring You More Monitors

by Robert Scoble

May Santa Bring You More MonitorsI hope you all get tons of monitors. This is how I keep on top of everything going on on social networks.

The Windows on my iMac are, from the left:

1. Quora.
2. Hacker News.
3. Google+.
4. Gmail.
5. Techmeme.
5b (hidden): Spotify.
5c (hidden): Skype.
6. Facebook.
7. Salesforce Chatter.
8. Twitter.

On the iPad: StreamBoard.
On the iPhone: Teleportd.
On the MacBook Air: AngelList.
On the Vizio 65-inch TV: Apple TV or Comcast or Xbox.

All of these windows stream and change in real time.

The microphones are Blue Microphones (my favorite is the Baby Bottle on the left).

This system absolutely rocks and I feel so fortunate to be able to afford it. I remember seeing multiple monitor systems when I worked at Microsoft and feeling so jealous that I couldn’t afford them.

By the way, I blame +MG Siegler for this. He wrote in Techcrunch that the new iMac could support two Thunderbolt monitors and I knew then that I had to have this system.

This has made me a lot more productive although I’m still horrible at answering email. I do read every single email, though.

Anyway, hope Santa brings you all more monitors. I’ve decided you can’t have enough.

Oh, off screen I have a Google Chromebook and a Toshiba Tablet, along with a few other phones, but I figure I’d only include those screens I regularly use.

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