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  1. This is a great presentation on the many innovation-focused activities (the means to innovation) that IBM is doing. However, it’s not clear (with the exception of Slides 10, 25, 36, and 40 that address some innovation results at a high level) on actual innovative products and services that have been developed, the adoption (the real measure of innovation) of those products and services, and the impact associated with those products and services.

    One question that comes to mind is that with all the innovation sources depicted on slides 12 and 13, does IBM ever bring these groups together to talk about what they are doing, exchange ideas, and identify ideas that may merit closer collaboration? That collaboration is not addressed.

    Three slides (13, 38, and 39) reflect activities associated with IBM’s innovation process. However, the depiction of this process is different in each slide and the terms used are also different. This discontinuity is one example that makes it difficult to follow the horizontal logic flow within this presentation.

    Perhaps most importantly, it’s not clear how IBM gauges the success of its innovation activities. How is innovation success measured? A number of output measures, e.g. number of patents, are presented but what are the outcome measures?

    IBM has a strong record of innovation. It would have been great to have seen more of a consistent emphasis on the “How” in this presentation (given its title) vs. the “What.”

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