Monthly Archives: May 2011

Imagining a Future Innovation Operating System

Web 3.0 relates to the way Web is coming into real world, interacting with every value creation processes.  Let’s see how it changes innovation management and leads to build a specific innovation Operating System. There have been two main Internet waves: Web 1.0 has opened a new window to the world: in a mouse click and a stridently modem connection, ...

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Risk – You Must Play to Win

There’s a great story out there about luck that goes something like this… A man kept praying to God to win the lottery. That week he found a dollar on the street and he donated it to charity to show God he is worthy. The lottery came and went and he didn’t win. So the next week he prayed again, ...

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Mobile Madness

Recently I wrote about our love affair with television. One of the factors that is fueling the growth of TV in its many guises globally is mobile connectivity, which is going stratospheric, shattering all kinds of limits. In an always-on world our smallest screens wire us to hot hubs, free us to shift to the edge, and unshackle enterprise and ...

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