Call for May Innovation Perspectives

by Braden Kelley

Innovation PerspectivesMay’s opportunity to contribute your Innovation Perspectives is now here.

This monthly feature presents our loyal readers with different perspectives on a single topic all in one place – from several different authors. It gives our innovation community the opportunity to compare, contrast and discuss them in the comments here on Blogging Innovation and with the 2,850+ people in the Continuous Innovation group on LinkedIn.

Here is this month’s topic for publishing the week of May 24-30, 2010:

How should firms collaborate with customers and/or value chain partners to co-create new products and services?

Several contributing authors will be writing articles on this topic, but you are also welcome to submit an article. The process is simple:

  1. Submit your article using our contact form
  2. I will e-mail you back with a request for a 1-2 sentence author byline and a photo like those on Blogging Innovation

We look forward to sharing May’s Innovation Perspectives with you and hearing your thoughts!

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Braden KelleyBraden Kelley is the editor of Blogging Innovation and founder of Business Strategy Innovation, a consultancy focusing on innovation and marketing strategy. Braden is also @innovate on Twitter.

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